El descosío

  •  Oldways Sewing: Unstitching the past
  •  Oldways Sewing: Unstitching the past

La tienda de máquinas de coser e hilos de la calle Acisclo Díaz, El Descosío, expone en la Biblioteca Regional la colección privada de máquinas de coser desde el siglo XIX de la familia Martínez Tudela


Oldways Sewing: Unstitching the past

In the Murcia Regional Library exhibition room, this show brings together 19 perfectly preserved sewing machines that demonstrate more than 150 years of sewing history. 

This exhibition is part of the coinciding MMOD programme, a fashion, art and design festival that will be celebrated in Murcia from the 27th to the 30th November 2014. 

The exhibition “Oldways Sewing: Unstitching the past” will be held in Murcia from the 20th November until the 15th December in the exhibition room at the Murcia Regional Library. This exhibition is a tour through sewing history, a history told by 19 perfectly preserved and usable sewing machines belonging to the Martinez Tudela family, owners of El Descosio, a sewing and threading machine shop established in 1989 and situated in the centre of Murcia on Calle Acisclo Díaz.


  • 20 nov - 15 dic
  • Murcia Regional Library

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