Neo2 was born in Madrid in 1994 as the small fanzine ‘Neomania’. Little by little, the number of pages and colours, as well as the frequency of publication and the size of the fanzine grew and grew, until it became an international symbol within the trend publications industry. With creativity at its heart, this fanzine has crossed into the 21st century digital universe of blogs, tablets and smartphones. Throughout the 20 years that it has been in this market, Neomania has maintained the young and creative spirit with which it was born.  


Dating from 1994, Neo2 represents 20 years of archives detailing publishing history. These archives are collated into an exhibition that reflects the talent of new creative generations. This is the story not only of a magazine, but also of modern design, art and photography.

Neo2 Open Files includes a collection of work by artists, designers and organisations who embody the Neo2 spirit, such as Mathieu Mercier, Amaya Arzuaga, Leandro Cano, La Casita de Wendy, Manuel Bolaño, Jaime Hayón for Lladró, José Manuel Ferrero & Estudi{H}ac for Sancal, Ramón Arnau & Sleep Late Projects for Almerich, Xavier Maños & Mashallah for Marset and Stefan Díez for Gandía Blasco.

Coordinators: Gonzalo Herrero Delicado y Neo2 
Technical coordinators: Estudio Número 26, José Melguizo and Rocio Fuentes 
Graphic design: Ipsum Planet 

With the support of:

With thanks to: Antonio Abellán Alarcón, Almerich, Ramón Arnau, Amaya Arzuaga, Manuel Bolaño, Leandro Cano, Esther Castaño, Anders Christoffersen, Javier Esquiva López, Lorena Figuerola, Gandía Blasco, Galería Luis Adelantado, Alicia González, Lladró, Marset, La Casita de Wendy, José Melguizo, Iván López Munuera, Virginia Medina, José Rico Pérez, Sancal, Sleep Late Projects, Eva Sánchez-Cuenca, Raquel Solaz and Talleres Antonio Abellán.


  • 27 nov - 07 ene
  • The Enfátika Room
  • C/ Arquitecto Cerdán Martínez, sótano nº3

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